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I'm easy to get along with. I'm in school for massage therapy. I'm always looking for clients. I'm a semi model. If you want to know wanything just IM me.

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Date Created:06-21-04
Number of Posts: 58

Lisa is the on again, off again poster. Post usually consist of problems or sexual quizes. When not on the computer she is breathing in a cematary.
Strengths: A great listener to other's problems in life, crochet scarves, and give very relaxing massages.
Weaknesses: no self confidence, relies on others for support to much, can't speak up, has a tendancy not to act on instinct.
Special Skills: Sleep provoking back massages, fairly good at art, crocheting, and making horns appear on my head.
Weapons: brunette clay horns, D-rings on straight jacket, evil stare, and plaid skirts.
Music: Supports the local music scene in the New England area. Gets the word out of hard rockers.

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